English & Tennis

Improve your tennis while learning english

Tennis lessons are suitable for students at all abilities and ages.

Trainings take place at the three clay tennis course located at the camp. Group lessons are held three times a week in the morning or afternoon wheather permitting.

Indivudual tennis lessons can be taken additionally to the group training, but students may miss some of the morning beach time.

Beach tennis is also available as an option and is sometimes included in the place of the regular training.

Each week a tennis torunament will be held among the students who can already master a game and alternative competition games will be offered for the not so advanced players.

Sport equippment

We will require that all students who wish to play tennis brong with them tennis shoes for clay courts. We can provide tennis rockets for those who do not have one.

As most tennis classes take place in the afternoon we will advise students to bring light colored shorts and t-shirts as well as a hat to protect from the sun.

Students should bring their own watter bottels, which can be filled at the language centre with mineral water.

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