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Play time at "XChallenge Park"

XChallenge Park” is located in the town of Tsarevo and is the first of its kind forest park for alternative sports. Kids may choose entertainments like climbing in a rope garden, cycling, skating, building a tent camp, a special mountain bike trail- suitable for all who love alternative activities as well as for those who are curious to try something new. All activities are supervised and guided by experienced instructors.

езиков детски лагер на морето Z кемп, Ден 21 - X-Challenge въжени градини - дете се прехвърля на ръце по хоризонтална въжена стълба
езикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - X-Challenge, момиче и момче, препятствие с висящи стъпала
езикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - X-Challenge, учител от екипа и момиче, препятствие с висящи стъпала

Aquapark "Neptune"

What is a sea vacation without Aquapark? The newest Neptune Aquapark is located next to the castle "In love with the wind" near the village of Ravadinovo. A great variety of water attractions are waiting to be tried by the kids - typhoon slides with spiral tubes, thunder cruise, water whirlpool with intermittent slides, or just a swim in the pool. Sunny smiles and good mood are guaranteed.

Z кемп, ден 11 - аквапарк, обща снимка на цялата група
езикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - аква парк Нептун, река за плаване с голями пояси, снимка на три момчета
езикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - аква парк Нептун, комбинирана, водна пързалка

Boat trip along the Veleka River

The mouth of Veleka River is undoubtedly one of the most impressive places on our Black Sea coast. A boat trip along the Veleka River  will captivate your child with its beautiful scenes so that they’ll wish to revisit this breathtaking place. Only there, children will have the chance to see a Caspian marsh turtle, a cricket mongrel, a cormorant hood, a small black-tailed gull, a shaggy bird and many other birds.

детски езиков лагер на море Z кемп, ден 29 - разходка с лодка по река Велека - панорама
Z кемп, ден 17 - по река Велека - снимка на всички в лодката
Z кемп, ден 17 - по река Велека - момчета във водите на Велека

Horseback riding in "Chernomorets" complex

Being intelligent and sensitive animals, horses may influence children emotionally when there is a physical contact with them. Horse-riding school is located in the town of Primorsko. The horse base has trained horses to work with children - both advanced and beginner, under the supervision and guidance of a professional trainer.

езиков лагер за деца Z кемп, Ден 23 - конна езда - две момиченца галят кон
езиков лагер за деца Z кемп, Ден 23 - момиче язди кон с придружител
езиков лагер за деца Z кемп, Ден 23 - конна езда - момиче с каска седи върху кон

The Magic of Beglik Tash

15 km from the town of Tsarevo, where Strandzha mountain surrounds the sea coast, a Thracian megalith sanctuary is hidden - "Begliktash". The children will feel the magic and the spirit of the ancient tribes who  inhabited these lands many years ago. Also known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge, the mystical ancient Thracian rock sanctuary is the largest footprint left by the Thracians on our southern coast. This is where our ancestors paid tribute to the God-Sun and the Mother Goddess.

детски езиков лагер на море Z кемп, ден 29 - целодневна екскурзия Беглик Таш, деца със сини фланелки на лагера са седнали върху големи камъни
детски езиков лагер на море Z кемп, ден 29 - целодневна екскурзия Беглик Таш, скално образувание
детски езиков лагер на море Z кемп, ден 29 - целодневна екскурзия Беглик Таш, скала номер 10

Burgas Sand Sculptures Festival

The Sand Sculptures Festival has become a traditional event and it is one of the interesting places to visit in Burgas in summer. A fairy-tale town of Sand where you can walk around giant figures representing different characters from children's films such as Shrek, Batman, Cinderella, Smurfs, Little Prince, lush palaces and more. Children and adults have fun at the beautifully crafted figures made by the skillful hands of artists from Bulgaria and abroad. Everyone who visits the fabulous city is happy to return every year and find new sand dreams that leave bright recollections.

Z кемп ден 4 - целодневна екскурзия, обща снимка пред пясъчните фигури
Z кемп ден 4 - екскурзия за един ден, множество пясъчни фигури, Бургас
Z кемп ден 4 - целодневна екскурзия, пясъчни фигури в Бургас

Visiting the Historical Museum in Tsarevo

The region around Tsarevo impresses not only with natural landmarks but also boasts a rich historical heritage. The exposition of the Historical Museum in Tsarevo will introduce the children to archaeological finds dated 3 000 years ago. Some of the unique treasures are the village of Sinemorets, a silver coin treasure, a gold treasure and numerous different finds that have been left to us by the Thracians.

Z кемп, ден 10 - музеят в Царево, служител на Зенира, екскурзовод и група деца около старинна, каменна плоча
Z кемп, ден 10 - музеят в Царево, служител на Зенира и група деца пред кукерски костюми
Z кемп, ден 10 - музеят в Царево, момиче седи пред стара, шевна машина

Private Botanical Garden "Serafimovi"

The botanical garden, called by the guests "the Garden of Paradise", attracts over five thousand nature lovers every year. Children have the opportunity to get acquainted with over 2200 species of plants that are not typical of our latitudes. The rich collection of cacti is also curious - over 1600 species gathered from all over the world. Aunt Vasya, one of the owners, will spark children's imagination by telling a lot of interesting stories about the transfer of plants in Bulgaria, how they grow and what care they require. The Botanical Garden is located near the village of Velika, 16 km from the town of Primorsko.


Aquapark Primorsko

Every child likes to have fun... But at the seaside, one of the most fun and memorable moments is the Aquapark visit. Aquapark Primorsko offers children many water slides - "Octopus", "Cobra", "Kamikaze", "Black hole", "Elephant".


The Castle of Ravadinovo

The castle in Ravadinovo village, located right next to Sozopol, also called "In love with the wind" Castle, is a unique attraction not only for our country. Built from Strandzha stone containing traces of micro diamonds, the castle changes its color at different times of the day. The fairy tale splendor, as if coming out of fairy tales, the bronze sculptures, the fountain of desires, the walk in the beautiful park, the swan lake - all these moments will leave emotional memories to the children. They will have fun and participate in the "Escape If You Can" or "The Legend" games.


Sea Trip by Robinson Boat

The sea boat trips will satisfy even the bravest fantasies and desires for adventure of the children. They will see the coast, the nearby towns and villages through the sight of sea travelers, and salt splashes and summer sunshine will contribute to the adventurous spirit of the experience.


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