The Camp

The Camp

Specially Designed Camp Area


All rooms are with private bathroom. The students will be accomodated in rooms of 3 or 4.

There will be separate wings for boys and girls and staff members will be living on each floor.

Out of concerns for the health of the students instead of airconditioning, fans will be used for the warm days.


Healthy Food Diversity

Food will be prepared and served at the restaurant of the campus. The menu will be specially designed to cover the needs of the young children.

During the days when students are on campus there will be fruit and small bites available for afternoon snack.

On excursion days

Usually on excursion days language centres provide students with packed lunch. Unfortunatelly very often the sandwiches end up in the bin as students prefer to get their own lunch from different fast food restaurants. We would like to comply with the latest Europen quidelines for less food to be thrown out. So we will give students a choice and responsibility for their packed lunch. During breakfast they will be able to prepare a sandwich themselves  as per their taste and to grap fruit and a bottle of water on the way out.

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