The British SUmmer Camp Summer Seaside Camp

English, Sea, Sport and Music for students between 9 -15 years

Our camp is The British Summer Camp at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.  Here you can learn and practice your English with qualified British teachers while enjoying beach games at our beautiful beaches.

The program combines 25 lessons of English with different sports and or music and includes a variety of half-day and full-day trips in the area.

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UNI Camp

Highschool enrichment camp for students 9-11 grade

Specially selected Academic team of British and Dutch university professors will lead a summer enrichment course for students 9-11 grade. Lectures will be held in English and the course is suitable for students with minimum B1 English level and native speakers.The real academic atmosphere, students will be put in, will encourage them to easily choose their major and future job.

Most students feel pressure. The pressure of their parents’ expectations and desires to do well. The pressure of exams, assessment, coursework. The pressure to ‘do their best’. Sometimes this is just too much for them.
We aim to help students relax and discover the joy of learning. Being better motivated and skilled, they will start studying with pleasure and achieve success in line with any university requirements.

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