Z camp Accommodation


Specially Designed Camp Area

The place has on-site restaurant, shaded terraces, spacious courtyard, which are entirely available to children of the language holiday course.

All rooms are with private bathroom. The students will be accommodated in rooms of 3 or 4.

There will be separate wings for boys and girls and staff members will be living on each floor.

Out of concerns for the health of the students instead of air-conditioning, fans will be used for the warm days.

language vacations in Bulgaria for kids Z camp, day 32 -
Z кемп ден 5 - вечерно шоу за таланти
Z кемп ден 5 - момиче се подготвя за вечерното шоу за таланти
Z кемп ден 5 - вечерно шоу за таланти, децата гледат представлението на 3 момичета
летни езикови лагери в България Z кемп, Ден 34 - игра с топка и бухалка - учител хвърля топка
летни езикови лагери в България Z кемп, Ден 34 - тенис на маса - момче и момиче играят
летни езикови лагери в България Z кемп, Ден 34 - стрелба с лък - три момчета играят
Z кемп, ден 3, игрище за тенис, деца играят на 2 мрежи
Z кемп, ден 10 - волейболно игрище, момче и момиче се поздравяват за успешен удар

Food at Z camp

Healthy Food Diversity


Meals are prepared and served at the on-site restaurant. The menu is specially tailored to all the needs of children of this age. With such an active program, they will often be hungry, so we've provided fruits and healthy snacks over time between main meals.

Special Meals

As food is prepared on the spot, we have the opportunity to meet the needs of children with special diet. Please let us know when you are enrolling for your child's needs, which you expect to comply with, considering that more specific ones may need to be charged.

Food on Excursion Days

Usually on excursion days language centres provide students with packed lunch. Unfortunatelly very often the sandwiches end up in the bin as students prefer to get their own lunch from different fast food restaurants. We would like to comply with the latest Europen quidelines for less food to be thrown out. So we will give students a choice and responsibility for their packed lunch. During breakfast they will be able to prepare a sandwich themselves as per their taste and to grap fruit and a bottle of water on the way out.

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