Summer course for students 9 - 11 grade

Uni Prep Highschool Enrichment Camp
19 July - 1 August 2020

for native English speaking students or at least B1 level

For the first time in Bulgaria, British and Dutch university lecturers will lead a summer course for students 9-11 grade. Immersing in a real academic atmosphere will enable the students to easily identify their academic major and professional development.

The course is advisable for those who hesitate between two or more majors as well as for students who haven't decided yet what they are really good at.

Teaching will be held in English only and is suitable for students with English level above B1 and native English speakers.

Course content

Academic lectures | Academic skills

“Capable students, despite their high grades from secondary school, very often are unprepared for the fast pace of the university education. Far too often students arrive in a new country and waste valuable time and energy acclimatizing culturally and academically, meaning that they are running to catch up from the start”.

stated Prof. Robin Bunton, one of the founders of the innovative approach in the program.

Academic lectures

Subjects by choice

The main objective of the course is to introduce students to modern terminology in the most demanded majors and to present them with the challenges they are about to face in the future.


The core value of the quality that the British and Dutch education provides is the interdisciplinary approach. Hot topics on contemporary life will be discussed in debates with the students. Thus, lecturers will provoke the students to examine the issues in line with the subject they’ve chosen.


The teaching strategy is adapted to the students’ age and no preliminary knowledge about the subject is required. Students may choose multiple disciplines to attend throughout the course.

Subjects by choice

Artificial Intelligence
Social studies
Business and Marketing
Biology, Environment & The Sea
Creative writing / Journalism

European Studies
Architecture / Geography

Academic skills and personal development

Quality learning and effective academic performance

"Enriched study habits mean improved learning, improved leaning means improved grades and improved retention of knowledge. This is why the learning of Study skills should not be left to chance."

Lightbulb ideas concept doodles icons set.

Enriched study habits mean improved learning, improved leaning means improved grades and improved retention of knowledge. This is why the learning of Study skills should not be left to chance.

Оur program offers workshops for developing academic skills –essential for being a successful student in the university. The basic academic skills include: note taking, researching, extended academic writing as well as elements from the holistic approach for successful life and education abroad.

Quality learning and effective academic performance by

How to survive university lectures
Revision techniques
How to write materials in an academic manner
University goals - how to set them?
Short and long-term ambitions
Personal study plan
Research skills

Note-taking skills
Presentation skills
Debating skills
Intercultural competences
Project management
Team work

Our guest lecturers

from leading European Universities

Prof. Robin Bunton

University of York (Social Sciences)

Prof Roger Burrows

Newcastle University (School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, School of Geography, Politics and Sociology)
Cambell Parsons

Cambell Parsons

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Finance)
Louise Ridley

Senior Lecturer Louise Ridley

Northumbria University (Criminology)

Dr Tjeerd Andriga

Groningen University (Department of Artificial Intelligence)

Melissa Fuller

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Marketing/Communication)
Julian Sayarer

Julian Sayarer

Author - Journalist - Adventurer
Britt Halingberg

Dr Britt Hallingberg

Cardiff University (Psychology)

Prof. Andrew Price

Warwick University (Visiting Professor - Environment, Marine Biologist)
Antonia Hein-Senior Lecturer Communication

Antonia Hein

Senior Lecturer Communication in Business, School of Communication, Media & IT at Hanze University, Groningen, the Netherlands

Pieter Swieringa

Hanze University of Applied Sciences (International communications)

Senior Lecturer Kevin Rowles

University of Leeds (Economics. Economics of European Union)

The Venue

The training will take place at the National Centre for preparation for academic Olimpiads in Sofia.  The center is technically equipped for lectures and seminars and offers quiet environment within easy access of to public transport and Underground. During the breaks and free time students have access to the sports playing field located at the premises.

Meals are provided at the Restuarant across the yard, next to the study halls.


We advise all students to book the course with accomodation, as this will give them the opportunity to spend more time together with their peers and the academics. All students and staff are accomodated on the campus in a hotel style accomodation which is part of the National Centre's campus. Students can choose between double and tripple en-suite rooms.


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