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General, Advanced, English for Parents, Day Camp

General English

for children 9 - 11 and 12 to 15 years

Our summer English course aims to give students the opportunity to learn and practice English in an environment as closely as possible to that of a typical summer language course in England or the USA, without the need to travel outside Bulgaria.

It is suitable for students who study English only at school as well as for those attending extra language classes at language centers or with private teachers or do not study English during the academic year.

All students are tested on the first day of the course in order to be placed in the appropriate language level. The two age groups 9 – 11 and 12 – 15 are taught in different classes so that the teachers can adjust the topics and learning methods to each level and to the age group.

Students have 20 hrs a week, 4 hrs a day of English language lessons and 5 hrs per week language usage classes that happen in an informal setting outside the classroom. Here we implement an integrated learning approach to provoke students to put in use what they have learned in class.

That is why students can choose from 5 different topics of clubs according to their interests and not so much of their age or language level.

Topics are adjusted according to the interest of the students and may include: Cooking class, Theatre workshop, arts and crafts, brain games, project work, filiming, journalism etc.

Extra individual English classes:

Students aiming to cover specific language level who need more intense training may choose extra language classes instead that will take place during the sports options time.



Advanced English (12 - 15 years)

for children with B2 and above

If your child has been learning English since kindergarden or what seems like ‘forever” they may be able to master the English language effortlessly. Your child may have passed young learners exams and you may think there is no need to further invest time and money in extra English language classes in summer.

But what happens in reality is that children language usage even in their mother language evolve over time together with their interests and you may soon find that your little English expert is sliding back when the conversation in English moves further out of their dictionary comfort zone.

Here comes our Advanced Language Learners Program to help.

Students attending this course follow the same sports and free time activity program but are taught English in separate groups.

Teaching the advanced learners

In the classes while we still keep the Content Learning Integrated Approach to hold the attention of the students our teachers start to widen the topics outside of the comfort zone and widen the vocabulary and language usage in the already familiar topics.

The aim at this stage of young learners English teaching at Zenira Camps is to provoke curiosity and develop sensitivity for language variety in the students. Our innovative approach aims to  stimulate young learners to want to widen their vocabulary and language structures. Waking up a desire to self-enrich the language usage is a key for young learners in order to continue improving their language knowledge even in times when they no longer attend classes dedicated to language learning.

So one day, when your grown up child heads to Secondary School or University to study in English or gets a job that requires specific English usage, the passive language knowledge will be broaden enough to allow quick integration in the new language environment.

Teaching your child to develop skills for self-building a language is like constructing an AI into their brain that will allow, when the interest areas broaden later in life, the language knowledge to evolve seamlessly and pick up effortlessly the new topics.

English for parents

custom made adult individual and group english classes with native teachers

We know language vacation courses are so much fun that sometimes even parents want to join.

No problem, our adult language teaching module allows individual or mini group lessons to take place while your children are having sports or basking at the beach.

According to your level and aims and the number of adult students at each particular session we can offer either a group or individual lessons.

Teaching method

Our teaching approach will focus on provoking you to use the language freely and not so much on grammer and rules. Still it is summer and you don’t want to be piled with homework.

Individual lessons

During the individual lessons our teachers will be able to adjust the content to the area of your need or interests that will guarantee quick progress.

Mini group lessons

The mini group classes allow us to use a more intuitive approach through different study techniques aiming to overcome the resistance built over the years when you have started and stopped with your language learning many times.

Day camp

for children staying with their family

The Day Camp is perfect for children who are not used to travelling alone and families who do not yet have the confidence to send their children alone for 2 weeks. The day course will help your child to gain confidence and get used to a residential type of course.

If you are planning a holiday in Tzarevo or are staying at a nearby resort you have the perfect chance to add to the summer holiday of your children one or two weeks of English language, sports and fun.

The Day Camp is offered Monday to Saturday and includes one FB excursion per week. Sunday is left to be a family day but if your child wants to join their new friends on another excursion and activity day we can arrange that.

Students staying with their family will come to the language centre in the morning at 8 o’clock and will join their group for lessons or activities according to the daily schedule. Day students stay on campus all day  long until right before dinner exept for the days when we have arranged evening disco, beach party or theatre evening, for which they are also invited upon an additional fee.

Transport to / from school

For your convenience we can offer a pick up / drop service at a surcharge.


The experienced teachers at Z camp

will make your child love the English language

Michael Dewar

Camp Director

"With over 10 years experience of working at Summer camps, I understand what it takes to make sure your child will have the most rewarding, fun and memorable experience!"

As a qualified EFL teacher, I will ensure that our teaching team deliver English lessons in which your child will not only improve their English, in the classroom but also beyond through a fun and stimulating activity programme."


Kane Marchant

EFL Teacher, Rugby Coach

"Kane Marchant is 30 years old and comes from Brighton, on the south coast of England. He has been lucky enough to have lived in various countries, Mexico, Italy, and Spain where he has managed to pick up a good level of both Spanish and Italian. His English isn't too bad either. 😊 It has enabled him to have gained almost 6 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language.

He has always been a very keen sportsman, representing his County (not Country) in rugby, athletics and swimming. He considers himself a kind, warm, approachable and sociable guy, and is so very excited to meet you and to add Bulgaria to his growing list of countries. Especially looking forward to helping you in your English language development through dynamic and interactive lessons, as well as having an insane amount of fun during the activities we have on offer ."


Michael Macdonald

Camp Director, EFL and Music teacher

Michal has more than 20 of teaching experience, gained in Spain and the UK through my instrumental teaching, classroom music, and English language teaching.

I achieved Qualified Teacher Status in the UK in 2006. I am a confident public speaker with a keen interest in people.



Actvivity leader, Surf Instructor


EFL Teacher


Activity leader


Mentor and Football Coach


Mentor, Dance Classes


Organisation and Welfare


Volleyball coach


Mentor and Music Club member


EFL and Music Teacher
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