Activities and Sports at Zenira camp

Beach time, Football, Beach Volley, Tennis, Windsurfing
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Kids learn English best, when they are having fun

It's all about the kids

Students advance best in the usage of English during the time they spend with our team outside of class.

Our English summer camp includes intensive activity program that makes every moment at Zenira camp memorable. The variety of activities we offer guarantees that every child will be given maximum opportunities to practice English, while having good time with all the new friends here.

The camp area has 3 acres of playgrounds including beach volleyball courts, swimming pool and a football field. And while the beach is the natural activity to think of, when you are just 400 m from the sea, we will not limit the free time activities to only spending time at the beach.

At Zenira Camp we aim to teach our students to:

  •     stay curious
  •     gain confidence in their knowledge and abilities
  •     be open to new things
  •     respect their friends for their abilities
Coached sport sessions

3 times per week certified instructors will lead our coached spots sessions

The camp area has 3 acres of playgrounds including beach volleyball courts, a martial arts area, a mini-football field, and a swimming pool. Additionally we use the nearby clay tennis courts and the water sports center on the beach. Special sport academies will run for the sporty ones and for those who always wanted to learn a sport and never found the time during the academic year.


Our variety of sports include:

Professional coaches will teach the children of volleyball and beach volleyball. Beach volleyball courts are within the camp area, strictly matching the International standards, and children will learn how to play on a different terrain and master the main techniques of passing drills, defense and attacking. For the skilled ones, special volleyball matches will be held.

The football sessions are lead by professional coaches and are suitable for boys as well as for girls. Advanced footballers focus on improving their technical abilities.

Z кемп, ден 20 - тенис корт - момиче с бели шапка, потниче, гуменки, държи ракета позира за снимка

Certified English and Bulgarian coaches will be engaged with the practice in tennis. Trainings are held at the tennis courts in the camp. Children are divided in groups according to their level and age.

Surfing is organized in groups of 5 children, each child having 3 activities a week. For students aged up to 12 years, one occupation lasts half an hour unless the child has advanced on the surf and could stand 1 hour practice. Trainings are held on two different places according to the water level in the bay. Since this sport is more weather -dependent, a schedule could not be fixed in advance.

Swimming lessons will be held at the swimming pool on campus. And while advanced swimmers are also welcome to join, we aim our training mainly to students who need to learn to swim or to improve their confidence in water.

The BMX and the skateboard have long been known to children - many of them want to master spectacular tricks, but like everything, they also have their peculiarities. Classes are held on the basis of XChallange Park in the city of Tsarevo, under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Music and performing

Singing, guitar, song writing or composing ...

With most of our Teachers and Mentors playing in a band or being members of a musical formation, music becomes an integral part of the life at Z Camp. Students who choose to join the Music Academy will be introduced to guitar playing and singing by a professional music teacher. Students who practice music are welcome to bring their instruments and become part of the camp’s musical formation professionally guided by the Camp Director. At the end of the course we have a music production where children will demonstrate their skills and enjoy a fabulous stage performing.

music club5

Are you sure these are my children?!

My daughter did not sing and my son did not play the guitar! What happened in the 2 weeks at Zenira Camp?

Thank you for discovering their passion!


Your child's stay at the Black Sea will not be complete without the local visits ...

To make sure our students get to know the local culture, the unspoiled nature as well as to have really good time, we provide one full day excrsion every week and one half day excursion every two weeks.

Here is where we plan to go this summer

15 km from the town of Tsarevo, where Strandzha mountain surrounds the sea coast, a Thracian megalith sanctuary is hidden - "Begliktash". The children will feel the magic and the spirit of the ancient tribes who  inhabited these lands many years ago. Also known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge, the mystical ancient Thracian rock sanctuary is the largest footprint left by the Thracians on our southern coast. This is where our ancestors paid tribute to the God-Sun and the Mother Goddess.

Strabo, Messambria or the well-known Nessebar never ceases to fascinate us with its views and characteristic architecture. Ancient Greeks and Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans have left their mark on the architectural historical monuments, churches and artefacts collected in the city's museums. And our campers immerse themselves in its history and culture with quizzes and educational games. Did you know that according to ancient records, the legendary author of fables, Aesop, was born in Messebria and was of Thracian origin?

езикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - аква парк Нептун, река за плаване с голями пояси, снимка на три момчетаезикови ваканции на море Z кемп, Ден 36 - аква парк Нептун, комбинирана, водна пързалкаWhat is a sea vacation without Aquapark? The newest Neptune Aquapark is located next to the castle "In love with the wind" near the village of Ravadinovo. A great variety of water attractions are waiting to be tried by the kids - typhoon slides with spiral tubes, thunder cruise, water whirlpool with intermittent slides, or just a swim in the pool. Sunny smiles and good mood are guaranteed.

The castle in Ravadinovo village, located right next to Sozopol, also called "In love with the wind" Castle, is a unique attraction not only for our country. Built from Strandzha stone containing traces of micro diamonds, the castle changes its color at different times of the day. The fairy tale splendor, as if coming out of fairy tales, the bronze sculptures, the fountain of desires, the walk in the beautiful park, the swan lake - all these moments will leave emotional memories to the children. They will have fun and participate in the "Escape If You Can" or "The Legend" games.

The mouth of Veleka River is undoubtedly one of the most impressive places on our Black Sea coast. A boat trip along the Veleka River  will captivate your child with its beautiful scenes so that they’ll wish to revisit this breathtaking place. Only there, children will have the chance to see a Caspian marsh turtle, a cricket mongrel, a cormorant hood, a small black-tailed gull, a shaggy bird and many other birds.


Z кемп, ден 10 - музеят в Царево, служител на Зенира, екскурзовод и група деца около старинна, каменна плоча

The region around Tsarevo impresses not only with natural landmarks but also boasts a rich historical heritage. The exposition of the Historical Museum in Tsarevo will introduce the children to archaeological finds dated 3 000 years ago. Some of the unique treasures are the village of Sinemorets, a silver coin treasure, a gold treasure and numerous different finds that have been left to us by the Thracians.

Every child wants to see a camel up close or ride it! The visit to Camel Park, the only park with camels in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, is awaited by every child in our camp.

Time spent together with the British teachers and activity leaders during the excursions allows the students to practice what they have learned in class and create memories that will stay with them long after they go home after Zenira camp

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